What We Do

Our team comprises of accomplished technical leaders in information security, having the ability to communicate to the business in ways that everyone understands. Although regulatory compliance, penetration testing, risk assessment are part of our services, but we aim to ensure that the company progresses in a maturity model towards maintaining security at all levels.

At SoftSages we believe in delivering security as a service to consumers and enterprises. As we do not resell any software or hardware, we always recommend the best solution for our clients without bias towards any product or vendor. It’s the shift in prioritization and not technology that solves the systemic problems of a security program. Technology is better used to enhance an already functioning security program, which may automate and increase the ability for improvement. SoftSages firmly believes that a security program can be run efficiently without massively large budgets.

SoftSages staff and consultants have vast experience in providing a full range of information security services ranging from Payment Industry, ISO 27001 consulting, intrusion detection, incident handling, computer forensics, regulatory compliance, penetration testing and application assessments. Our professionals provide industry-leading expertise to help organizations meet their evolving information security needs.