Training and awareness are the fundamental blocks of an organization’s understanding of security. SoftSages can provide training to organizations seeking expertise in any of the areas that SoftSages performs assessment services. We have no trade secrets when it comes to our methodologies, how we perform attacks, and how we work with organizations. We feel that the advantage we provide to an organization is the ability to show them how to build a security program or program a secure application. In most cases, the effectiveness of the training is depended on the trainer. SoftSages only hires industry experts and people known in the industry as being top-notch.

We offer a wide array of training including application security, penetration testing (beginner to advanced), regulatory and compliance, incident response, forensics, and much more. The training is designed for all levels, starting from an introduction all the way to advance. The training is unique and designed to train your organization on all aspects around security. Our motto around security being simple holds true around all aspects around our training programs